Make Mistakes and Grow

Welcome back team and well done on yesterday.

Today is all about making mistakes and how we deal with them. Lets say we're writing an essay and we've  put five hours of solid work into it thus far, our essay is on our computer, we haven't saved our work and then all of a sudden the power goes out. How might we respond, act and Feel?

This actually happened to me many years ago, I left a huge assignment on the back burner until the day before it was due, I had spent the whole day typing trying to finish the assignment on time, after about four hours of solid work the the room suddenly went black. You guessed it the power went out and I hadn't saved any of my work, if only I knew about staying focused back then.

I was already frustrated from typing all day, add the power going out and me not saving my work, well that was the icing on the cake. I was seeing red, I was ready to through in the towel and call it quits. I didn't see this as a lesson to be learnt. I could only see the pain of having to redo all that work to get the assignment finished in time.

Can you spot the lessons I should have learnt in this story?

Hears another real life example, When I was new to investing and to the stock market in whole I thought I found the deal of the century.  The share price was .002 cents at the time and the charts showed them fluctuating by %50, my thinking was I would buy in at .002 cent's and sell them when they went up to .004 cents doubling my money in the process.

The problem was at the time I didn't know anything about market depth and how it would influence the sale of my newly purchased stocks.  When I went to sell my shares at .004 they were placed in a very long cue because everyone wanted to sell but no one was buying.  (I still have the shares, would like a deal of the century).
After not being able to sell the shares I done some research and it turns out I made a very armature mistake and a lot of people have fallen into this trap.  Not only did I learn about market depth but also why its important to know your market and do your homework..

I was once told by a very wise man "you can never make a mistake, it's only positive feedback", so next time we're in a compromising position lets focus on the positive's and ask the question "what did I just learn?".
This will provide us with a better understanding of what just happened, also we won't be left with any of the negative feelings associated with making the mistake.

So today lets get out there,make mistakes and ask the question "what did I just Learn?"

Please feel free to share your mistakes and the lessons you ideally learnt from them in the comments section below or perhaps you would like to return to the Main Blog?

Have a super sensational day and thank you for reading.

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