Why do we choose to Ignore our inactions?

After waking up and greeting this glorious new day, we go to the fridge for some milk only to remember that we've ran out yesterday, our options are to go without milk, hurry down to the shops before work or alternatively we could ask our neighbour.

Better yet we're driving to an important business meeting when all of a sudden our petrol light comes on indicating that were about to run out of fuel, where does that leave us?

How about after spending the last of our paycheck, something comes up, we get an unexpected bill that needs to be paid immediately, what's worse we have no immediate way of paying it.

I know you can see the common denominator, why then do we chooses to ignore the reality of our inaction's?

We need to address the way we all perceive forward thinking. Do you think it’s just a waste of time? Why worry about the future when we're too busy with the now? Either way we get the same result right? Read along, you tell me.

Using the following scenario visualise you're the driver; I want you to feel how you believe the driver feels.
We're driving home after a long and exhausting days work, all we want is to sit down, relax and enjoy our favourite past time. We're driving home the same way from work as we do everyday so we know that in a few minutes we'll be passing a petrol station on our left.

We also know we should stop and fill up our car because our petrol light has been on since this morning when we first started our car. However we don't stop for petrol; instead we say to ourselves “I'll do that tomorrow". Now we’re home a few minutes earlier because we skipped buying petrol, we're sitting down in our favourite chair, relaxing and enjoying our favourite pastime and we couldn't ask for a better night.

Continue to visualise the story and imagine it's you,

It’s the following day, after waking up a bit later than usual because we hit the snooze button and after completing our morning ritual, preparing ourselves for another day of work we jump into the car only to remember that we're almost out of petrol.

We remember saying “I'll do this tomorrow” however we did not take into account waking up late and how bad the traffic would be today. We know if we stop to fill up the tank we'll be late but if we don’t stop for petrol we'll run out before we get to work, we're stuck thinking I should have done this last night. Not to mention the feelings associated with this situation.

Let me ask you
What felt better getting home quicker and relaxing? or the pain of being late to work and running out of petrol? Could we have avoided the situation? what would it cost us in comparison to the reward of having petrol for the next day? 

Are you currently living your life to the fullest or in contrast are you continually consumed with minor emergency's that are easily preventable by using forward planning?
Identifying in advance were a problem will arise and creating an action plan to resolve it will free up you're thoughts,feelings and time.

Do you like to worry about bills and how you're going to pay them? or instead would you prefer to create an account and deposit a calculated amount into it weekly and know that its taken care off?
Would you prefer to be driving and get a puncture with or with out a spear tyre?
Would you prefer to be lost or to have consulted the map before you left?

Things we put of are small in comparison to there affects, even when armed with this information why do we continue to procrastinate? Next time when you say to your self I SHOULD ....... say instead I MUST ........

Before I truly understood forward planing I lived day to day, week to week and let my inaction's control my actions.by changing my perspective I know I'm well equipped for future events.

Thank you for reading........

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