Who Are We ? What Are We About? What Defines Us?

Good morning people of the world we're sending a warm welcome to all our new followers today and to
celebrate let's discuss the importance of knowing who we are,what we're about and what defines us.

When we stop to think about it we're the foundations of our lives, everything that happens to us, around us and in our lives has a direct link to our actions and thought's. We dictate everything that we do, attract and achieve.  I'm a strong believer in foundations and having a solid base to build from, I'm not sure if you've seen a building with a weak foundation but if you have I bet it didn't last too long in a strong wind. This is why we need strong foundations, we want to last and stand the test of time.

The first question we must ask ourselves is "who am I? ", Easy right?  Some answers might include our name, what we do for a living, what others have labelled us or even who we were yesterday, but are we really any of this? only you can answer that question.
The longer we ask ourselves "who am I ?" the clearer and stronger it will become, helping us to fortify our personal foundations.

If we're still not clear on "who we are" perhaps learning what we're about will help us answer the previous question. So "What are we about?",  we could write some of our previous answers here and even add our hobbies but is that what we're really about? again there's no right or wrong answers and only you know what you're truly about.

Confused yet?
these questions can be really tricky to answer and don't worry if our answers change as I'm sure they will over time.

The last question of the three is "what defines me?" when we answer this question we can work backwards to answer the previous questions, by asking this question last it allows us time to reflect on the first two questions and helps to clarify our answers. The easiest way to answer "What defines me? is by asking the question "what are my beliefs?", "what principles do I live by?" and "what are my values? "

We could keep asking ourselves more and more questions, I encourage everyone to do so as it will give us a clearer answer for all the the question's above.

The answers we provided above are influencing our lives all the time,every second of the day. Sometimes we forget  who we are,what we're about or what defines us for one reason or another, this impacts what we get out of life.
Now that's not an ideal situation to find ourselves in but it's ok because we're here now and are
resolving the issue. What's even better if we don't like the answers we gave above we can change them at any given point of time just by acknowledging that's not who we are, what we want or what defines us, thus redirecting our influencing powers.

If you need help  redefining yourself try reading Master Your Traits, Master Yourself it's a great little book that can help us improve in this area,

We could stop there but since we're already here talking about who we are,what we're about, and what defines us I would like to share one more lesson I've learnt. This lessons has tremendous power when creating our personal foundations and I encourage everyone to at least attempt it. What's our last lesson?
Personal mission statement's of course.

While reading the Book 7 habits of highly effective people the author Stephen Covey ask's his readers to complete a number of tasks, one of witch is to write out a personal mission statement and I can't recommend this enough. Having a personal mission statement gives us more focus, drive and clarity. Think of it as a personal compass. We'll have a more in depth look at personal mission statements in another post, so for now I'll give you an example by sharing with everyone my personal mission statement.

I am who I am because I choose to be.
I shall not be influenced by the beliefs of others, nor that by external factors.
I endeavor to learn only to pass along my wisdom, creating a better future for all those who seek.
It is for this I must commit to greatness, taking action and leading by example is a necessity of life.

I shall give my time freely to those who truly desire, insisting on their greatness and empowering them to succeed at what they thought impossible.
I shall only speak of the good that people do, lavishing in my praise, I do not condemn and I do not criticise.

It's my undying belief that I'll impact society in a truly inspirational way, this is my drive and for that I'm a self for-filling prophecy.

By reading that daily it gives me a great foundation to build from, keeping me focused on my values and beliefs and provides me with the motivation to succeed when the going gets tough.

Well we better get to answering our questions above to redefine  ourselves and start attracting greatness, have fun team.  

Feel free to have your say in the comments below, share a story or even your mission statement.
Have a great day and a wonderful night god bless.

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