Why We Should Never Give Up

Hi team and welcome back to another great adventure.

Today's topic is not so much about what to do but more what not to do. As the title suggests we're going to be learning the strategy of never giving up, I'm sure we have all heard it before but the saying stays true.

Let's start off with a story from my personal collection to kick start our journey.

It was a Friday night and I just got home from work, all I wanted to do was sit down and relax after a long hard days work (you know that feeling you get?), Anyway as it happens I had locked the house keys inside, I bet you know this feeling too. As I could see it I  had two options either try and break in or sleep outside.

I decided to try and break in and what an attempt it was, after three hours with only some fishing line and packing strap as tools, I had no light to see and I was facing defeat, I had enough,I thought I would never be able to break in, I said to myself  "ill just rough it and sleep outside"

Taking a few moments to reflect on the situation and my options I questioned the statement of never giving up, That was it "I'm getting inside" I said to myself. After another two hours of failed attempts I finally managed to gain entry much to my delight.

That's just one example and its one of my fondest too, not the part where I was locked out but the part where I was facing defeat and overcame it by never giving up.

When not giving up is not enough.
Sometimes not giving up isn't the answer to overcoming all obstacles, It's a key factor but i'll ask, have you ever heard Albert's Quote? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

We can have all the determination in the world, if our method is wrong then we're just wasting our time, An easy way to gain the right method is to find someone else who has already achieved the desired result that we're looking for and then just copy the method they used.
If not possible take some time to reflect on the situation like I did in the story and change your approach until you find that winning combination of actions that will grant you success. 

Feel free to share your stories of when you never gave up in the comments section below or return to the Main Blog.

Tank you for dropping by team and as always it was a pleasure 

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