Why should I Make A To-Do List?

Thank you for visiting. I truly enjoy sharing what I know and helping you along the way, Today is all about To-do lists, Have you ever found yourself having an unproductive day? or just not knowing what to do next?, perhaps you're bored or find yourself saying I'll do it tomorrow, but for some strange reason tomorrow  just never comes.

If you can relate consider creating a To-do list.
I have personally found To-do lists extremely beneficial in combating procrastination and getting in front of life, they also help to let us know what's important to us in our lives.
Here’s an easy step by step way to get the ball rolling in the right direction,
step 1.
Grab a pen and paper. ( It works best when you physically write it out)
Step 2.
Before you go to sleep at night write down 5 things you want to achieve the following day.
(5 tasks work best, don’t want to overwhelm ourselves and lose traction on our progress)
Step 3.
Wake up to the new day inspired, thinking how great we're going to feel after we've completed our list. (Try saying YES and do a little fist pump around the same time, it always helps to get the positivity  spark glowing in the morning)
Step 4.
Execute on our list, this might be easier said than done, we'll have to stay focused. (Use positive reinforcement, remind yourself why we want to do it for and how much better we're going to feel after completing the task)
Step 5.
Repeat the process the following night. 

Sometimes we don't achieve everything on our To-Do list and that's ok, we can add them on the following list. (If we find that there's an item on our To-Do list that we continually don't achieve it's more than likely that it's either not important to us or that we'll need to write out goal to achieve it.)    

You'll also find the more we practice this method and continue to execute on our list's the better our lives becomes. ENJOY

It's as easy as that, now to get back on track and get in front of the 8 ball.
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Have a terrific day 

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