Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Good morning go-getters welcome back.

Today it's all about putting our best foot forward and for me it's my left. We're talking about looking our best every time we leave the house, you may have heard of the proverbial phrase "a first impression is a lasting one" I don't believe this is entirely true although it's best if we do make a great first impression.

We're representing ourself the best way possible when we put our best foot forward, not only do we look great it also gives us a boost to our confidence and self esteem.  For an easy example think of the last time you got dressed up to attend a party.  How did you feel? Did you feel better than normal? So why not do this all the time?

When we leave home we never know who we might meet it could be our neighbours from across the street, a future colleague, employer or perhaps even the mayor.  It would be a shame if we bumped into someone with a high stature in our society and we're looking all shaggy, how do you think they'll remember us?
Lets take the same scenario and say we're looking top notch how do you think they'll remember us now? What scenario would you prefer to be in?. I personally don't believe in judging people by their appearance however a lot of people do so it's for this reason we must be looking our best whenever possible.

When striving to look our best we don't need to get super dressed up or spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe, we can if we want and its always super fun, however we can get the same result by paying attention to the finer details, this is easily achieved by staying clean shaven, wear nice and neat attire meaning no wrinkles or creases, we should also make sure our shoe's have a shine where applicable and that our hair is in order and most importantly we can't forget our smile.   

So now we know what to do let's get out there, give it our best and achieve some great results, feel free to share your experiences on putting your best foot forward in the comments below or would you prefer to return to the Main Blog?

Have a great day. 

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