Why do we choose to Ignore our inactions?

After waking up and greeting this glorious new day, we go to the fridge for some milk only to remember that we've ran out yesterday, our options are to go without milk, hurry down to the shops before work or alternatively we could ask our neighbour.

Better yet we're driving to an important business meeting when all of a sudden our petrol light comes on indicating that were about to run out of fuel, where does that leave us?

How about after spending the last of our paycheck, something comes up, we get an unexpected bill that needs to be paid immediately, what's worse we have no immediate way of paying it.

I know you can see the common denominator, why then do we chooses to ignore the reality of our inaction's?


Make The Decision Now

It starts as soon as we wake up, everyday, greeting us with thousands of new and exciting possibilities, they're unrelenting and unable to dissipate until we answer their calls, there with us even when we're reaching for our pillows at night and turning of the lights, for a lucky few perhaps even in our dreams.


To Proud To Ask For Help? It's Not a Sign Of Weakness

Have you ever been on a holiday, to a new place abroad and found yourself lost and needing directions? did you stop and ask for help? perhaps you kept on driving and found yourself even more lost and concerned?


Who Are We ? What Are We About? What Defines Us?

Good morning people of the world we're sending a warm welcome to all our new followers today and to
celebrate let's discuss the importance of knowing who we are,what we're about and what defines us.


Know Your Market and Do Your Homework

Welcome back Super Stars and Go Getters alike,
What's our plan of attack for today?

 Lets learn about the reason's why we need to know our market and most importantly why we should do our homework thoroughly before taking action.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Good morning go-getters welcome back.

Today it's all about putting our best foot forward and for me it's my left. We're talking about looking our best every time we leave the house, you may have heard of the proverbial phrase "a first impression is a lasting one" I don't believe this is entirely true although it's best if we do make a great first impression.