What About Being Grateful?

Welcome my friends, 
Today is about being grateful and what you'll undoubtedly obtain with the by-product of being grateful towards yourself and others as well.
Being grateful is a very simple process and yet sometimes we're so busy in life that we forget one of the most fundamental laws in human emotion and that’s the need to feel appreciated.
We could be grateful for the basics and we probably should too Eg. Food, Water, Shelter and whatever else fits into this category but undoubtedly most of us aren't.
So what should we be grateful for then?  I usually find myself being grateful about recent success and achievements, this also helps boost my morale, motivation and overall happiness.
Here’s a recent example 
I completed a job yesterday receiving $60 compensation for my time, after receiving payment I didn't feel much joy or happiness, at the time it was just a transaction.
Now lets fast forward an hour or so, I'm in a shopping mall surrounded by people, I take a second to reflect on my day. Finding myself overwhelmed with joy and sporting a huge grin to match I found myself being grateful for achieving my highest pay rate to date and boy did I let it show.
How we can be more grateful towards others.?
The easiest way to be grateful towards others is to pay them  a  complement, sincerity is the key here and the more unique the complement the better,

How much do complement's cost ?  

Let's ask another question 

how much do complement's pay? 
How does giving compliments benefit us?
The possibilities are endless, we could be complementing our future partner, land ourselves a new job or even get invited to a special event. On the inside our body will be releasing endorphins, as will the recipients body, this make's us both feel great making it a win/win situation.

Another way to show we're grateful
This is easy and it packs a big punch. Next time we're giving a celebratory card write " I'm grateful for "  then below that write several statements that relate your relationship with that person.

Eg. I'm grateful  

  • When you drop by unexpected 
  • When you bring me coffee when I'm tired
  • For the time we spend together 
  • For all the silly jokes you make
  • For you being there
Not only are you giving a sincere compliment but you're also adding positive reinforcement, this will help in strengthening the relationship and also show that you care.    

                                                               Quoting Bob Burg
"Notice the blessings in everything, big and small. Dwell on the beauty in all I see,hear,touch,taste,smell. Realize that everything is a gift from the almighty and is put there by G-d in order to enjoy and learn from"

Well it's that time again….. Lets do some field research, set out and be grateful towards ourselves and towards others as well. It would be marvellous if we could share some of our experiences in the comments below
Thank you for you time and thank you for being a great audience.

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  1. Here's the short version:
    The concept is there and I can see where you're coming from but...
    You can lift the quality of this blog by proof-reading (ie. punctuation, spelling etc).

    I'm one of those people who like constructive criticism, so keep reading if you are too.
    - eg. second sentence: you typed "ill" instead of "I'll".
    You can show that you value your readers by taking the time and effort to proof-read and edit.
    - I disagree with your 'unique complement'. The compliment is better but it's not unique. Your given example ("Wow that blue shirt is amazing, were did you get it from?") implies a stronger interest because you tagged on a question, which is nice way to encourage further conversation but not 'unique'. I think that you're trying to tell readers to put in more effort into their compliments, express interest and make them genuine.

    Basically, I came here from gumtree because you wanted some input. Kudos on starting this blog and hope that you'll improve along the way.

  2. Hello my friend

    Thank you for your time, consideration and for leaving a comment.
    If you hadn't stopped by I would never have known that there was an issue, so thank you very much for your constructive criticism.
    I can defiantly see were you're coming from and I intend to fix it.

    Have a Great week ahead.