To Proud To Ask For Help? It's Not a Sign Of Weakness

Have you ever been on a holiday, to a new place abroad and found yourself lost and needing directions? did you stop and ask for help? perhaps you kept on driving and found yourself even more lost and concerned?

This is a prime example of when we should ask for help, however usually we don't, leaving us frustrated and costing valuable time and money.

Has this happend to you? 
It happens everyday and yet so many of us don't stop and ask for help, we just keep on driving, or trying to achieve our goals, just struggling along. Knowing very well if we had of asked for help we would save huge amounts of time, energy and money.

If we're lost while driving and ask for help we'll get to our destination quicker, if we asked for help digging a hole it would get dug twice as quick, anything we want to achieve, any goal, task or challenge,  just by asking for help we can shorten the distance needed for us to travel. Hopefully we have already Learnt from our mistake and grown, so now we can seek help from others freely, if not continue to read.

Why don't you ask for help?
In many cases our unwillingness to ask for help relates back to pride, self esteem,  stubbornness, our independence and sometimes even fear. Other Times we don't realize that we need to ask for help, we can't see the direct benefit that asking for help would provide or we don't realize the power that our helpers have to offer.

Why we should ask for help
There are hundreds of reasons why asking for help is well rewarded, most depend on the circumstances we're facing. We should also try and work towards building Interdependent relationships.Interdependence is based on the concept that working with others is the most advantageous way to get the best results, so Instead of having negative feelings associated with asking for help, when we're Interdependent its encouraged and associated with the purpose of becoming Interdependent.

Asking the Wrong Person for Help 
One thing to consider when asking for help is that you ask the right person, otherwise we'll receive misinformed information that could end up costing us more time and money than if we didn't ask.
The best way to identify the right person to help is if they have already accomplished what we're attempting to do. You wouldn't ask a plumber to fix your car would you?

Ask More Than One Person 
To avoid getting misinformed information its best to seek the advice of many qualified people. Recent tests have proven that if you take a group of people and combine their answers together and find the average that the average is more correct and informed than any one answer that was suggested.

So next time we're out and about and feel like we could use a helping hand let's all ask someone for help not only will it have us feeling better it will also save us time, money and frustration,  

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