What Is A Positive Affirmation?

Welcome everyone to another fun filled and exciting day.

Lets start by asking the questing who knows what a positive affirmation is? If you already know what they're about well done, I bet they have served you well.

For those of us who don't know a positive affirmation is like a mantra that you repeat to yourself a few times a day,
They should always contain the word 'I or Im"  and always be in the present tense. They follow the principle of faking it until you make it. and work by training our subconscious part of the brain to believe the message we're  sending it, eventually our subconscious will take the lead and make our affirmation a reality. This might sound complicated but its really easy.

When I was new to the world of sales I found positive affirmations to be a great tool to have, I had five I would use every day.

  1. I'm a highly successful businessman 
  2. I radiate confidence and I'm extremely outgoing  
  3. I have more MoJo than a man named Mojo
  4. I have more energy than the energiser bunny 
  5. I'm not nervous I'm excited
The key is to believe what you say and say it like you mean it, add emotion, feel how you image you would feel, picture yourself already there in your mind, I would always finish my affirmations of with a YES I AM/DO. Just start off with one two affirmations moderation is the key, just make sure you repeat them four or five times a day.

Now for the best part, lets pick something about ourselves that we would like to change for the better. 
I'm going to target my sleeping habit, I tend to stay up a little late, 

So I going to say

"I'm the best sleeper, I go to sleep when I get into bed and I get into bed at the right time YES I DO"

I'll picture myself going to bet at the right time, Climbing into my warm bed and getting comfortable then instantly falling asleep, I'll also picture waking up full of energy and not tired. (I can tell you It feels great already.)

How did you go?

Positive Affirmations are a great tool to utilize for any challenging situation, just remember to use present tense, add feelings and visualize yourself already there and I promise you it will come to fruition.   

Feel free to share your positive affirmations and all the success we are having with them in our comments below, perhaps you might want to return to the Main Blog? 

Enjoy the new week and our new positive affirmations
Have fun team.

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