Book Review: Who Stole My Mo Jo

Book Title: Who Stole My Mo Jo

Subject: Positive thinking

Author: Gary Bertwistle

Who Stole My Mo Jo will get you back on the Yes train in no time at all,  it's a great little read and conveys a very powerful message, the author Garry Bertwistle explains to us that our Mo Jo is a secrete weapon and a source of power and inspiration that we radiate towards others.  After reading deeper into Who Stole My Mo Jo we'll discover that sometimes people and also the obstacles that life challenges us with will slowly suck our Mo Jo dry. Gary Betswistle provides us with the insights and solutions to combat the loss of our Mo Jo and how to protect it when facing negative situations.
It's well worth the read.

A brief out line of Who Stole My Mo Jo:

Who Stole My Mo Jo is about the power of being positive, it teaches us how to combat and remove the negative thoughts from our mind, giving us the by-product and end result of creating our Mo Jo. Who Stole My Mo Jo goes on to tell us that everyone has Mo Jo and the only difference between someone with Mo Jo and without is there thought processes.
Included is a step by step tutorial to help us unlock and steel back our inner Mo Jo. 

Moral of the story:

People are attracted to positive and happy people, when we're super positive we're not only more productive and focused on our present task it also removes some of the distractions.
Being in a great mind frame is not only going to make us feel better it also helps us achieve more plus we'll be more happy doing the less popular tasks giving us the power to tackle any situation that may arise in life in a more positive manor.
When we can’t feel our Mo Jo working the case could be that someone has stolen it from us meaning we'll need to keep an eye on what were doing to increase our Mo Jo levels to maintain our super state of Mo Jo.
Giving people Mo Jo through complement’s is great, not only are you giving them a boost, in most cases we'll also be increasing our own Mo Jo through being positive and the other persone returning the gesture.

Don’t just be good be Great! 

What I learnt from Who Stole My Mo Jo:

Mo Jo is like magic you can’t see it but it’s there, When we learn how to unlock our inner Mo Jo we can achieve greatness in all areas of our life.
It’s not hard in fact it’s easy to unlock our inner Mo Jo, removing the negative thoughts from our mind is all it takes. 
When we here that little voice of doubt in our brain change what it’s saying.
Sell yourself to yourself, YES YES YES.
Complements go a long way in the world of Mo Jo this includes edification.
Control the controllable ignore the rest.
Every day is the BEST DAY in the world and the last (don’t live in the past nor the future). 
When you greet someone be sincere say it like you mean it and not like a robot!

                                               The power of Mo Jo

People will be drawn to you, you'll have the WOW factor, things will get done a lot quicker and you will have an extreme focus.
Quote by me, “When you believe you will achieve
In fact the world you live will be perfect!  

I would recommend Who Stole My Mo Jo to:
Everyone, It doesn't hurt to be that extra bit more positive, it would also be super perfect for people who have over time lost their Mo Jo without knowing and need it reinstated. Who Stole My Mo Jo would also be great for people who are looking to increase there performance and out put and of course people that don't realise Mo Jo is a state of mind so they can understand a new aspect of thinking. 

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