Book Review: The Magic Of Thinking Big

Book Title: The Magic Of Thinking Big

Subject: How to change the way we think

Author: David J Schwatz

The Magic Of Thinking Big will take a few day's to read but you'll be grateful for all the advice, time and the effort that David J Schwatz has put into writing the book. I found the way he illustrated the scenarios with such descriptive words to be outstanding and a I found myself always looking forward to the next scenario. If you like to learn about different perspectives when dealing with tricky situations this is the book for you.

A brief out line of The Magic Of Thinking Big:
This Magic Of Thinking Big has a magnitude of information, It’s almost like a short course in physiology, If we adhere to the lessons not only will we broaden our’re horizons for success we will also understand what’s holding us back and why we're not reaching our full potential.

The Magic Of Thinking Big changes the way we think, cancelling out all the negatives we might encounter through our daily life cycle and it makes us only focus on the positive’s we encounter, It goes on to say when you’re positively charged not only will people be drawn to us, they'll also be asking for our help, inspiring and admiring our can do attitude.

A great benefit about The Magic Of Thinking Big is it’s great case studies, It gives us prime example’s of situation’s in day to day life that are so detailed that it’s not only going to paint the perfect picture but they will be imprinted in our brain.

In each case study after painting the picture and imprinting the image of the situation, The Magic Of Thinking Big than goes on to give us the formula for success in that certain situation, Either by changing the input to create a better outcome that will make us more successful or make or by viewing the situation in a positive light so we remain focused and keep our positive attitude intact.
For those of us who think inside the box, it’s not only going to make our box bigger, it's also going to enable us to remove our blinkers leaving us with a greater field of vision and a greater understanding of what it takes to become truly successful and lead a truly fulfilling life.

Moral of the story:
The sky’s our limit, we're only limited by our own imagination. If something is not going our
way or we're not achieving our desired result then there’s more than likely a reason why.
When tackling a certain situation that is not going in our favour there is always a method of still achieving a great result.

What I learnt from The Magic Of Thinking Big:
To set goals: Plan out how we're going to achieve our desired outcome's in a step by step format so we have something to follow and track our progress.
Change you’re strategy: Even with the highest amount of drive if our strategy doen't work we're always going to get the same outcome.
Conditions: The conditions we face are never going to be perfect so there’s no point waiting until they are
Act now: Once we take the first step our mind will then be thinking about the next step.
Think big: We can only achieve as much as our biggest Ida
Remove negativity: Negativity creates negativity, be positive and look at any result in a positive light.
Don’t listen to others: Most people will tell us it can’t be done or we’re dreaming, only by listening to them will we fail.
Be radiant and generous: People like to be around happy and positive people.
Edify people whenever possible: Not only will it brighten up there day but when we're nice people are usually nice back and will often go out of their way to help us in the future.
Don’t make health an excuse: People in any condition can achieve great results.

I would recommend The Magic Of Thinking Big to:
Anyone that’s interested in developing there personal and professional skills, or to anyone that might have set their sights to low and are not achieving there desired outcome. After reading The Magic Of Thinking Big they would walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to become successful and they'll not only be setting bigger goal’s but also achieving them buy following the great tips,advice and by thinking bigger and better.    

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