Book Review: The Go-Getter

Book  Tittle: The Go-Getter                                             

Subject: Inspirational   

Author:  Peter .Kyne

The Go-Getter isn't a very thick book and its a great read, It's filled with a story of struggle, opposition and success, there's a great storyline that paint's vivid pictures in our imagination and get's the emotions flowing. I believe that all of us can get allot from this book and incorporate into our daily lives. I highly recommend reading it if you haven't already. 

A brief outline of The Go-Getter : 
There is a company who needs a new team member for a very important job overseas, everyone so far that has been employed to fill this position has failed. Then along came an old war veteran who really wanted the job, (he has one leg and one arm). The two CEOs at the company declined his application to become an employee.

Lucky for the veteran the CEOs had a father who passed the business down to them and still carried a bit of weight in the company although retired as he may be. The sons were reluctant to hire any more more veterans because there was a bit of a joke going around that pops had a soft spot in his heart for war veterans.

The two CEOs came to an agreement with there father, they agreed to on putting the war veteran through his paces by giving him challenges to prove his worth, the first few required the veteran to sell things that no one wanted of which he was successful, with every challenge the old war veteran was given he returned with trumps. After completing many of these challenges the veteran was due for a pay rise.

The greedy CEOs didn't want to part with there money and were going to put if off giving the veteran his pay rise until the end of the year, this didn't sit well with the CEOs father, he had words with his son's saying "pay the man will you, give him what he’s worth".

After all was said and done there was one final challenge, The CEOs father had to push the old war veteran to his limits and beyond. Because the overseas role was a huge responsibility and the company couldn't afford to lose that account,

They got the veteran to obtain a Blue vase and he had to deliver it to the CEOs father who would be leaving town by a certain time,(this was his dead line) upon being told about his little errand he was given a  brief of the location and what the vase looked like, 

First the veteran was told the wrong address and had to walk miles to find the right location, than the shop was closed, he got the name of the shop and tried finding the owner, being unsuccessful he went back and checked he had the right shop name. (It had now been changed to trick the poor veteran even more). 

Searching for the new name without luck again he returns to the shop to break in, (the CEOs father  put a cop out the front to prevent this), than he noticed the name was spelt another way again, after looking up the new name he was getting warmer, The owner of the shop was away for dinner so the veteran got put through to the a sale's manger in town who would open the shop.

After being let into the shop it turns out that the price of the vase was to be $2000 after much avail the veteran come's up with the money. This whole process took a huge amount if time and it was now well passed the dead line. Lucky the veteran had an old war buddy who could fly so he got a lift to the next train station were he could meet the CEOs father and drop the vase off, 

In the end after all was said and done only a few had passed the test and everyone was very pleased with the veteran even the CEOs who at the start didn't want to hire the war veteran, he got his new job overseas and everyone lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story:
It doesn't matter what’s wrong with you, The only thing that’s going to hold you back is your willingness to rely want to achieve and be successful, If you don’t want it bad enough you're always going to fall short or drop.

What I learnt from this book:
There's always more than one way to cook an egg,if for some reason you can’t open the door with the information u posses, there's always another door to the same room. Persistence pays of and there's always a bigger picture hiding in the back ground. 

I recommend this book to people who:
I recommend The Go-Getter to anyone who's faced an obstetrical that was too great for them to overcome at the time, or for people embarking on a journey into the unknown were they might be faced with forceful opposition. My reasoning for these recommendations would be to inspire them and to get them thinking that anything can be achieved and there’s always great lessons to be learned when overcoming obstacle's.

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