Book Review: The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

Title: The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

Subject : Personal Development

Author: Dale Carnegie

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking is packed full of the fundamentals for speaking effectively, If you want to have your voice heard you need to read this book, with that being said it's not just written towards public speakers, businessmen and lectures it's written for everyone. Every day we speak, trying to get our views and ideas herd, Dale shares great insights, special tips and also great lessons to bring the most powerful and influential speaker in all of us.

brief description of: The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

The Title says it all, Dale Carnegie has constructed the perfect book to help every new public speaker, for that matter even the more seasoned speakers as well. Throughout the book dale wrights examples of good and bad speeches and in the process teaching us what to do and what not to do,

The quick and easy way to effective speaking introduces new and old concepts on public speaking, helping us understand how and why they work, from introducing an idea at  the dinner  table through to giving a prolonged multi staged presentation at the next board meeting Dale has it covered, highlighting the key points to address and offering guidelines for delivery.

The moral of the Story:
You need to represent your presentation, speech or talk the right way, strive to address your heeres in the best manner you can, or risk losing their attention. 
Quote from Dale  "Anybody and everybody can become a great speaker, if you have the desire you have already won the battle the rest is just perseverance" 

What I lent:
I  first I started reading The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking to boost my confidence, little beknown to myself, that was of little relevance  given all the other available information held within theses pages , a great lesson I learnt was to talk with pictures, paint a picture, paint an emotion, start every topic youre going to address with a story, jump straight into the action. Also if you want your audience to participate you have to be direct clear with your message and make the process easy and fun for your listeners. There is so much more I took away after reading The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking they are just the ones that stood out to me. 

I would recommend The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking to:    
People who are currently in the public speaking field or are looking at getting into it, also to writers and to everyone else who has a message they want to convey, The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking will give you a deep insight into what and why you should be doing when presenting your message. 

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