Book Review: People Skills For Life Easy Peasy

Title: People Skills For Life Easy Peasy

Subject: Interpersonal Relationships

Author: Alan & Barbara Pease

People Skills For Life Easy Peasy Is a great reference book, offering it's simple design and concept it's a pleasure to read. A great feature is the brief summaries after every chapter helping us to reiterate what we learnt they can also be used as a reference. People Skills For Life Easy Peasy would make a great warm up book leading into Dale Carnegie's  book how to win friends and Influence People.

A brief out line of: People Skills For Life Easy Peasy 
People Skills For Life Easy Peasy is filled to the brim with simple and easy communicational lessons, starting with the basic principles and fundamentals of human emotion's the author's then go on to explain the different things we should focus on when interacting with people to increase the effectiveness of our communications, from learning how to start a conversation and keep it flowing all the way to holding a boardroom meeting. At the end of each chapter we get to practice what we have read by following the guidelines.

Moral of the story:
None of us are born a natural communicator or highly charismatic, Its an acquired skill. that we have to develop from the ground up, working slowly adding layer upon layer of successful accomplishments. building up our repertoire of communication skill and confidence. When we're determined and have the right information we can become highly charismatic and influential. 

What I learnt from People Skills For Life Easy Peasy:
The Information I found to be most beneficial was how to answer the phone in a manner where the caller will remember your name, I found powerless phrases that I must remove from my vocabulary to be very true  and beneficial and saving the best until last The most powerful words you can use Allan & Barbara go on to put all of the most powerful words you can use into one sentence and Its truly great, You'll have to get a copy of the book to find out what there are.

I would recommend People Skills For life Easy Peasy to
Everyone its a simple short read thats very informative and can help improve our communication skills, we can utilize the lessons learnt, from talking to a stranger through to talking to our children  All great things reach their full potential when communication flows seaminglessly thats why this is a must have book. 

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