Book Review: The Fish

Title:  Fish
Subject: Self Help
Author: Stephan C Lundin

The book Fish provides for a light read and has some great fundamentals that we should work on incorporating into our daily lives, not only does it posses the power to change the way you look at work and customers it gives you the power to share these lessons with other people as well.

Brief description of Fish:
Fish is a story about a married lady who moves interstate to find a new job with her young family and husband. Soon afterwards her partner passes away and she if left feeling isolated with very little support, on top of this there are many unpaid bills due because their medical insurance didn't cover all the costs.

She is forced into taking a promotion that she feels may not suit her needs and perhaps may present too much of a challenge, the new roll would put her in charge of a group of people that are uninspired and very much lacking the energy to operate efficiently.

A few weeks pass and her new boss calls her in saying "if things don’t improve u could very well be out of here" due to the poor work ethic of her followers. This made her realise that she had also fallen into the rut of her peers, She needed to turn everything around but how, while out having  lunch the lady found herself at a fish market were everyone was having a blast.

one of the workers noticed her and took it upon his self to help her, the man taught her how they had made the fish shop such a great place to be involved in and perhaps she could bring these lessons back to her own work place. There were four golden rules Play, Be there, make there day and chose your attitude. So over the coming weeks she weaved these four golden rules into her work place and it became a great success, all the staff had a massive change of heart and enjoyed going to work and all there costumers loved working with them.

Moral of the Story: 
Work is what you make of it, you could be chasing your dream job not realizing the difference between your dream job and the one you’re at right now is yourself. Following the four key ingredients any job will become your dream job 

  • Play: have fun at work its only boring if you make it that way.
  • Be there: this requires you to be %100 focused on the task at hand
  • Make there day: Give the customer an experience that’s going to stay with them for a life time and something they can share with others
  • Choose your attitude: when you enter your work place say "yes this is going to be a great day, How lucky am I that I can say I love my job". Be positive .

What I learnt from reading the book Fish:
Just because you’re work seems boring and not fun it doesn't have to be this way, you can make it fun and exciting, Just by choosing your attitude, play a little and involve your customers giving them a great experience and when helping a customer only pay attention to them and forget everything else around.

I would recommend reading the book Fish to:    
Anyone who is not happy with their job or is giving their customers unsatisfactory service just to show them that it doesn't have to be that way , also to business owners and entrepreneurs alike so they can incorporate the fundamentals shared in this book into their businesses.

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