Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Subject: Financial

Author: Robert T Kiyosaki

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad is truly a great read, it's what first inspired me to get into the share market and make my money work harder for me, Rich Dad Poor Dad will have you saying "I wish I knew that before". It sports a great story line filled in with all the information that you'll need to get your own money working harder for you.

brief description of Rich Dad Poor Dad:
Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you what they don’t teach in the school’s and that is the basic fundamentals about making money, It goes through the process of explaining the concepts between an asset and a liability and how to make your money work harder for you,

The story line follows a young boy growing up ( Robert Kiyosaki), Robert has two father's one is his biological father(the poor dad) and his best friends father(the rich dad), both father's teach's Robert lessons in life, however it was the rich dad that gave little Robert the best advice in life. With Robert having both a rich father and a poor father he had the ability to see both perspectives of which he share with us his readers.

The moral of the Story:
Don’t work for money or any one else for that matter work for experienceGet some capital and start making deals,You can even make money with no money down, always have your money working for you and when considering a purchase buy assets that are going to increase your income and not add to your expenses, Control you emotions and only act under a clear mind, don’t let greed fear or lust control you expenditures. 

What I lent:
Don’t buy expensive things that aren't going to make you money instead start buying assets to get the money you have already earned to make more money. The best time to buy luxuries is after you have a steady flow of income coming in from you assets. make sure you know your market inside and out as well as not worrying about what everyone else is doing or what they have.

I would recommend this book to someone:       
Who didn't know the difference between a lability and an asset, someone who is looking to make money and needs a push in the right direction or even someone who's making an expensive purchase that would end up as a pure expense that they might regret latter on,
My reasoning is so they can make a better informed decision before they go ahead and help them avoid something they might regret latter on.

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