Book Review: Master your traits, Master Yourself

Book Title: Master Your Traits Master Your Self

Subject: Personal development

Author: Bob Burg

Master you Traits, Master yourself is a different kind of book in every way, I don't think I have read a book quite like it. It could be Bob Burg's style of writing or the way he's structured  the book. I would classify it as a light read packed with great insight, references and a solid foundation for personal growth. I'm looking forward to getting results from this book.

A Brief outline of Master Your Traits, Master Yourself
Master Your Traits, Master Your Self starts of with a brief introduction into the world of self mastery and it's origins, Bob proceeds to give us a formula or as Bob call's it in his book the system to follow, after being introduced to the concept of self mastery then given the system on how to achieve the results Bob talks  about the different traits that we will be working towards mastering, the benefits and also insights on different ways to approach the task  

Morel of the story
Maybe I should call Bob Burg to answer this one, I would say the moral of Master Your Traits, Master Yourself is you can change any aspect of your life, first you must recognize you want to make a change, then you must create a system to help you change and finally you have to keep on trying until the results manifest  most times sheer willpower is not enough to forcefully change a personal trait.

What I learnt from Master Your Traits, Master Your Self
The obvious would be that I learnt the system of how to overcome and master our traits, But I don't think i can truly answer this question until I have spent more time practicing and working on the system. It has been one week following the system now and its been a great week "Gratitude" is my current trait i'm improving and its coming along nicely.

I would recommend Master Your Traits, Master Yourself to:
Everyone who want's to better themselves on a personal level also to people who are trying to change a habit but are having trouble, the system is simple and it works great.

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