Book Review: Q.B.Q

Book  Tittle: Q.B.Q (The Question Behind The Question)                                            

Subject: Personal development

Author:  John G Miller

Have you ever found yourself in a situation were you said "it wasn't me","I didn't do it","it's not my job","I was told to do it like that". If you have found yourself saying anything along those lines then Q.B.Q is the right book for you. 

Before reading Q.B.Q I would have responded to a complaint like "Look I understand were you're coming from but I don't deal with complaints unfortunately, so I cant help you sorry."
Now after reading Q.B.Q and when given the same situation I would say "I understand were you're coming from, normally I don't deal with complaints but since you came to me I'll make sure that I find a solution to your dilemma." 

Can you see the difference?   

A brief out line of Q.B.Q:
Every day we ask ourself and others many questions, according to Q.B.Q the questions we normally ask are incorrect and usually result in us passing the blame, these question are called IQ’s (incorrect questions).

When asking ourself an IQ(incorrect question) it’s really counter productive and sometimes were even passing the blame onto someone else. Q.B.Q shows us what we’re doing wrong, how it affect's us. Then Q.B.Q helps us find our own Q.B.Q (Question Behind the Question), for example IQ’s (incorrect questions) contain the words They, Them, We, You, Why, When and Who. When asking a Q. B. Q. they contain What, How and I, this makes ourself fully accountable for any actions or situations that may arise throughout our day.

The author John Miller has also filled Q.B.Q. with detailed real life examples of Great Q.B.Q’s and I.Q.'s. John then goes into even greater detail on how they affect certain situations, the outcome's and the great results which were obtained through asking the right questions and holding ourselves accountable in every situation. 

Moral of the Story:
It starts with us, we need to be present, accept our roles in life and do our best to achieve the best possible outcome's for everyone involved, it’s easy to play the blame game and pass the buck but instead we need to say "the buck stops here". "I'm Here to help you any way I can", "How can I make this better". "The I'm here to sort things out".

Don’t pass the buck, stop it and sort it out,

What I learnt from Q.B.Q:
Q.B.Q.’s are great and they helped me to develop and accept more responsibility by understanding how they work and how to use them properly. Only I can change the way I see and react to my surroundings and by doing so increase my productivity and effectiveness in resolving situations. Holding myself accountable to my actions increases my integrity and enables for a smoother lifestyle just asking the right questions, How Great is that?

recommend Q.B.Q to:    
People who have trouble with holding them self accountable and anyone else who likes being informed on other ways of thinking. There’s lots of great information in Q.B.Q. and it would be a shame if it went to waste. 

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