Book Review: Midas Touch

Book Title: Midas Touch

Subject: Personal Development

Authors: Donald J. Trump, Robert T. Kiyosaki

Midas Touch is a fantastic book, it can be easily broken down into different categories so when you need to focus on a particular topic you can find it with ease. The authors Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki share personal stories about the times when they had to face the challenges that are described in Midas Touch. After you've finished reading Midas Touch you'll be left feeling empowered and re inspired.

A Brief outline of Midas Touch:
As the title suggests Midas touch is just about that the Midas Touch, where everything you touch will turn to gold when you posses the midas touch. It the book Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki use a hand and its five fingers to represent the qualities need to gain the midas touch, Every finger representing a different quality.

  • Thumb=Personal character/strength
  • Index finger= Focus and drive
  • Middle finger= Brand  
  • ring finger= relationships 
  • pinky finger= the smaller details 
After giving definitions of the quality's, they then tell a story on how they used the power's and in doing so giving us the insight to increase our own midas touch

Morel of the story:
We all posses the power of the midas touch and anyone can achieve it but its not for everyone, Gaining the midas touch is not an easy feat to achieve but through perseverance and belief it can be obtained.  

What I learnt from Mida touch:
This book reinforces all the old lessons I've learnt along the way, the biggest one's that stood out to me were its the little details that count, conduct business like the bad time's are already here and you can't afford not to. There is a lot to take away from Midas Touch.

I would recommend the midas touch to:
Every entrepreneur, business owner, employee or self employed person. Not only will Midas Touch give you  great lessons and tools to utilize, it offers fantastic stories leaving you reinvigorated,refocused  and ready to take on the world.  

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